SITE MODELSite: Lonuziyaaraiy Kolhu, Male’ , Maldives
Scale 1:200
Project : Performance Art Center in Maldives
Materials used : Cardboard, Foam Board, Styrofoam, Wall putty , Gray Wall paint (using air spray gun) and Copper wire ( for trees)
Model made by Maldives National University architecture students of Semester 4 ( june - december 2014)
Environment and Culture 4 - Art Noveau Poster inspired by Alphonse Mucha’s Zodiac
Mental space presentation board - part of the model development works.
Mental Space - Material feel board
This talks about the mental space model, how I chose the materials and the feeling of the mental space model.
Mental Space Story boardIt depicts how I came to find my mental space through self awareness and how my mental space is contained within me. My mental space is itself adaptive so it does not attach itself to a certain space, but along with the key elements it adapts to everywhere I go.